**This website is under construction but already contains useful information**

This website provides information for owners and managers of small woodlands and small-scale woodland management in Scotland.  Information includes:
– where to get advice (no information yet)
small scale contractors
small sawmills

Other useful websites:
For tree seedlings for planting, see www.treenurseryscotland.org.uk
For firewood contractors who might buy your logs, see  www.woodfuelscotland.org.uk
For hardwood sawmills who  might buy your logs, see www.ashs.co.ukFor willow growers, see www.willowscotland.org.uk
For small-scale furniture makers, see www.scottishfurnituremakers.org.uk
For forest food, foliage and fungi producers, see www.scottishwildharvests.org.uk
For certified Scottish, local timber and wood products, see http://www.scottishworkingwoods.org.uk

If you are looking for the Small Woods Association and their informative website, go here: www.smallwoods.org.uk

Why is this website needed?
Small woodlands are difficult to manage because of their sensitivity to damage and the often higher unit costs of work.  Most forest managers and contractors in Scotland are geared to work on large forests with large-scale equipment.  However, there is a growing number of people capable of working on small woodlands, or on a small scale (and with minimal impact) on larger woodlands.  But, being small businesses with no advertising budget, it’s not easy to find them.  This website is a directory of these useful businesses.  It is run entirely voluntarily.